Conscious Wild Girl A/W16

It is a new year and the first day of London Fashion Week, February 19th 2016. To kick off the week's events Felder and Felder present their 'Conscious Wild Girl Autumn/Winter Collection 2016/17 at the Fashion Scout location in the Freemason's Hall, Covent Garden. 

"She is confident and effortless, likes to be in the limelight and at the same time she is conscious of berthing happening around her."

This collections aims to incorporate the conscious decision made as a designer and consumer to ear  or make clothes from recycled material without losing aesthetic. On some of the jackets the thatched looking design is made from recycled CDs and had been transformed into embroidery which also embellish coats and dresses. Giving it a graphic like feel/style which was inspired by the artist Maya Hayuk.

Chainmail which resemble knit has been cleverly been used to translated into pullovers, blouses and jumpsuits which has been created from recycled glass. Using organic cotton and glass embroidery to make blouses and dresses. Every trash such as recycled plastic was used on coats and dress but woven to look like embroidery. 

If all conscious/recycled clothing looked aesthetically  pleasing as what Felder and Felder had created for their collection it would definitely catch on and become very popular. People are happy to wear recycled clothes that look good and contributes to saving the earth.  Felder and Felder  have definitely set the bar high when creating this collection.

"She has a positive effect on all that she encounters, whiles being the most glamorous version of herself